Saturday, 7 July 2012

He had such Quiet eyes-review

I really love the poem 'he had such quiet eyes'. The poem is simple and easy to understand. It contains a lot of moral values that all of us especially the girls should take heed of. It tells us that we must be careful when choosing out life partner. In the poem, the girl is betrayed by the man whom she trusted and loved so much. The man at first looks so innocent and sincere towards the girl, but, it is only his trick. His ulterior motive is seeking for pleasure. How dare you! I feel so sympathy with the girl in the poem, but, for me, such a situation is a common situation occurs to us. Maybe not to us, but to the people around us. Therefore, we must take a lesson from other people experience and make sure we make a good decision. Think before you leap. Think before you choose and you will happy forever and ever. Believe in me!

This is the poem:-

She did not realise
They were two pools of lies
Layered with thinnest ice
To her, those wuiet eyes
Were breathing desolate sighs
Imploring her to be nice
And to render him paradise
If only she’d been wise
And had listened to the advice
Never to compromise
With pleasure-seeking guys
She’d be free from ‘the hows and whys’
Now here’s a bit of advice
Be sure that nice really nice
Then you’ll never be losing at dice
Though you lose your heart once or twice

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Gulp and Gasp-Overview

What the drama is about?

This drama is about a greedy villain Lord Septic whose quest to conquer more wealth is assisted by his brainless side-kick Crouch whose main duty includes grovelling.They meet a maiden named Rose selling flowers and Crouch is asked to force the girl off the platform of the railway station. A handsome and brave hero named Percy rescues Rose the damsel in distress and in doing stumble upon his fortune that has been left for him by his late mother Lady Gatsby at the very same station.

All the form four students have to role play this drama. For our class, the casts for the drama are:-

Percy : Izzudin
Rose : Zack
Lord Septic : Ammar
crouch : Kamal

Narrator : Nizar/dayah
PA system ( very important) : Anas and Nasrul

i hope my class will become a winner as we have some talented actors. =)

Friday, 15 June 2012


In this twenty first century, everyone seems know what internet is for and where to get it. There are many advantages of using internet. However, useful the internet is it still has several disadvantages.

  By exploring the internet, we can increase our knowledge. We can find anything because it is a great network where people actually sharing information. Besides, we can know the updated news from every corner of the world. No matter where we are, as long as we have internet connection, we can read the latest news only by a click.

  One of the disadvantage of using the internet is we can exposed to negative information such as pornography. In addition, spending too much time on the internet. We are indoor and infornt of computer for a long time is actually not good for our health. We may develop health problems such as heart disease and muscle aches.

  In a nutshell, the internet can offer both pros and cons. So, it is up to us to use the internet wisely or not. 

we have internet xplorer, googlechrome, mozilla firefox...and many more


Social network is like a trend for people to use nowadays. It connects people all around the world. There are many types of social network such as Myspace, Facebook. Friendster and Twitter. Many people are using social network for a variety of reasons. Today, in this post, i want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of social network particularly the Facebook.For information, Facebook is created by Mark Zuckerberg, an ex harvard students.

The benefits of using Facebook is people can know many friends from all around the world. For instance, students form Malaysia can befriend with students from USA. This will help them to share knowledge and things from their own country. In addition, social network like Facebook also helps students to release their stress. Students are tied up with homeworks,so, by using facebook, they can chat with their friends or play a variety of games provided in facebook.

Not only that, by using facebook, we can also take advantage to know the issue of our country and world. This would make people realize the issues of the world.

There is also bad side effects of using Facebook. One of them is people will waste their time because they are just facing the computer. People who have facebook account mostly will sit for hours in front of the computer.

Nowadays, many people use facebook to cheat another people, to spread bad news about others and to disseminate rumours until it gives effect to the other people. This kind of technology created for our convenience. So, do not use it to ruin ourselves and others!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


When we talk about exam, a very common word related to it is STRESS!!. Yes!Nw, i am s stress as the exam is just around the corner. I just have 3 days left for my exam. I think i can finish up everything but the main problem to me right now is the additional math subject. I really hate the subject because it is so difficult. I tried many techniques in order to help me understand the subject, but, it is fruitless. My teacher said that i have to do a lot of practices.

I feel so stress right now, so, i want to sleep. After having a nice sleep for at least one hour, i will do my revision. Ok? That's all for today. Hope all of you enjoy reading this post. I know you are also like me. Stress, right? i know, i know, i know..hahaha

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

SMOKING # task 2

           Smoking has become very common and fashionable, especially among young boys. This habit usually begins at school when boys try to experiment with every new thing that they can lay their hands on.
           Despite the warnings given by doctors about the ill-effects of smoking, people continue to smoke. smokers are addicted to it. Some youngsters smoke for the sake of society and some feel that would make them appear liberated and broadminded. In addition, they make the ads entertaining. They have people on the ads having a good time making kids think that is great to smoke. Alternatively, they have beautiful women making girls think that if they smoke, they will be just as beautiful. On the other hand, they have boy feeling that if they smoke they will have beautiful women as well.
                Tobacco companies are doing very well all over the world. Every packet og cigars or cogarattes has a warning inscribed in it: cigaratte smoking is injurious to health." Yet the smoker never reads this warning and even if he reads it he never pays heed to it.
                 Smoking is also a nasty habit that produces second hand smoke and may cause lung cancer, heart disease, and amphysema. Second hand smoke is produced from the smoke of a cigaratte and the exhaled smoke from a smoker. People that inhale second hand smoke can get the same health problems as smokers. Smoker don't think that when they are smoking they are endangering the lives of people around them who have chosen not to smoke. This is very selfish of them. Just because they don't care about their health does not mean others do not.
                Thus, in summary, smoking causes numerous illness which are expensive to treat it. It disturbs non-smokers and is an unhealthy addiction. Therefore, cigarattes should definitely be baned so as to make the world a better place for everyone.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

synopsis of qwertyuiop # task 1

QWERTYUIOP’ by Vivien Alcock is about a young graduate named Lucy Beck who has just finished her ‘O’ levels at Belmont Secretarial College. Being a slow learner herself, she has no confidence that she will find a job. Fortunately, she is offered a job by Mr. Ross, the Manager of Ross and Bannister’s. During her first day, she encounters many peculiar incidents. Later, she finds out that there is a spirit lingering around the office who is adamant in holding on to her position as the company’s secretary. Towards the end of the story, Lucy tries to get rid of the spirit that has been haunting that place for many years by putting the spirit at peace.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

my mother's final days T.T

18 MARCH 2012 is the most super bad days in my life. My precious mother had passed away after she had suffered a disease for almost 3 years. My mother is 44 years old and she had a cancer since I was in form 2. She passed away after isha' prayer. The day before, we stayed with her and showed all our love to her, but at that point, she could no longer speak, or look around.. It was so heartbreaking to see her laying in bed, her breathing labored and slowI have never been able to tell anyone about my mother's lost. It such a long story and I could not be able to write so detail about it. The most I could say that I was there when she died. 

            As all other mothers, she is sweet, caring and a great mother. We were so close. She was my best friend in the world. Until now I can't see FROGs, I will cry, cry and CRY because it is the last laugh that I hear and the last joke before her last breath. Thinking, and crying. Its like i'm half dead without you mom:'(


last picture with my mother
- masjid besi, live show maulidur rasul celebration of national 2011-

Friday, 16 March 2012

happy moment in my life

There is not only one moment in my life that i can share, but, a lot of them that i am not even able to describe them with any words. If i talk about the happiest moment of life, it is when i got my PMR result. I shall never be able to forget it. It was 22nd December 2011. I had been counting days very anxiously for the day when PMR result would be announced.

At 11am, the result was announced by Teacher Rashidah. I was so nervous. i heard that 101 students got 9A's. A lot of my friends got 9A's. I was speechless when i got my result. I got a flying colour result! i was so grateful to Allah.

After getting my result, i called my family. they were all waiting anxiously. I told them about my result and they were so happy and proud of me, In the night, my family and i got out for dinner. We ate Satay Kajang at Haji Samuri. It was absolutely delicious.

i will miss the moment for sure

Saturday, 10 March 2012

i love Allah so much ♥


Dear Allah SWT,

Some days, I worry about my actions and thoughts.

Some days, I wonder if what I’m doing is right.

But then, I remember You are the One to look to.

The One I should trust in most.

You are the Giver of Mercy.

And I love you.

this is me:)

hello and assalamualaikum.. welcome to my new blog. This blog is for english subject only. saya kene  I have to speak in english. so agak berterabur sikit  many english broken maa~  okay now I would like to introduce myself. my name is NUR ASYIKIN BT MOHD ABD MALIK. I have so many nickname such as mae, syima, syikin, nur pon boleh.  teachers in school call me SYIKIN, putera call me SYIMA,  and puteri call me MAE. junior call me KAK syima KAK syikin KAK syimae muahaha. senior call me SYIKIN MALIK. oke dah cukup.  many people thought that I am like arrogant, dumb, and not friendly but actually they are wrong ! aku senanye gilegile actually, I am talkative. I like to tarannum and laugh muahahaXD tak ya la kenal banyak2 ok that's all for today. tata. have a nice day !