Thursday, 10 May 2012


When we talk about exam, a very common word related to it is STRESS!!. Yes!Nw, i am s stress as the exam is just around the corner. I just have 3 days left for my exam. I think i can finish up everything but the main problem to me right now is the additional math subject. I really hate the subject because it is so difficult. I tried many techniques in order to help me understand the subject, but, it is fruitless. My teacher said that i have to do a lot of practices.

I feel so stress right now, so, i want to sleep. After having a nice sleep for at least one hour, i will do my revision. Ok? That's all for today. Hope all of you enjoy reading this post. I know you are also like me. Stress, right? i know, i know, i know..hahaha

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