Saturday, 30 June 2012

Gulp and Gasp-Overview

What the drama is about?

This drama is about a greedy villain Lord Septic whose quest to conquer more wealth is assisted by his brainless side-kick Crouch whose main duty includes grovelling.They meet a maiden named Rose selling flowers and Crouch is asked to force the girl off the platform of the railway station. A handsome and brave hero named Percy rescues Rose the damsel in distress and in doing stumble upon his fortune that has been left for him by his late mother Lady Gatsby at the very same station.

All the form four students have to role play this drama. For our class, the casts for the drama are:-

Percy : Izzudin
Rose : Zack
Lord Septic : Ammar
crouch : Kamal

Narrator : Nizar/dayah
PA system ( very important) : Anas and Nasrul

i hope my class will become a winner as we have some talented actors. =)

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  1. me too
    i really hope the winner goes to us form 4 ghaza
    allah willing