Friday, 15 June 2012


In this twenty first century, everyone seems know what internet is for and where to get it. There are many advantages of using internet. However, useful the internet is it still has several disadvantages.

  By exploring the internet, we can increase our knowledge. We can find anything because it is a great network where people actually sharing information. Besides, we can know the updated news from every corner of the world. No matter where we are, as long as we have internet connection, we can read the latest news only by a click.

  One of the disadvantage of using the internet is we can exposed to negative information such as pornography. In addition, spending too much time on the internet. We are indoor and infornt of computer for a long time is actually not good for our health. We may develop health problems such as heart disease and muscle aches.

  In a nutshell, the internet can offer both pros and cons. So, it is up to us to use the internet wisely or not. 

we have internet xplorer, googlechrome, mozilla firefox...and many more

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