Saturday, 10 March 2012

this is me:)

hello and assalamualaikum.. welcome to my new blog. This blog is for english subject only. saya kene  I have to speak in english. so agak berterabur sikit  many english broken maa~  okay now I would like to introduce myself. my name is NUR ASYIKIN BT MOHD ABD MALIK. I have so many nickname such as mae, syima, syikin, nur pon boleh.  teachers in school call me SYIKIN, putera call me SYIMA,  and puteri call me MAE. junior call me KAK syima KAK syikin KAK syimae muahaha. senior call me SYIKIN MALIK. oke dah cukup.  many people thought that I am like arrogant, dumb, and not friendly but actually they are wrong ! aku senanye gilegile actually, I am talkative. I like to tarannum and laugh muahahaXD tak ya la kenal banyak2 ok that's all for today. tata. have a nice day !